viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

I think about that lord

The faith means not to want to know true.

We must question the logic of to have a history that it says, god knows it everything, he´s almighty, he creates faulty human, and later he accuses them by their errors.

Thank god I am atheist

For you… I am atheist, for god… I am the opposition

All rational man is atheist

Children born atheist because they doesn’t have idea about god.

The religion is considered for people like true, for sages like false and for rulers like useful.

The World has two classes of men, the intelligent men without religion and religious men without intelligence.

God created the men to him image or men created god to their image.

All miracles will disappear with progress of science.

I say that you and I are atheist, I only in smaller god that you did him. When you understand why you reject to all gods, you will understand why I reject to your god.

Give to a man a fish and he will eat a day, teach him to fish and he will eat always, to give a religion to man and he will die praying for a fish.

God must be executed by crimes against the humanity.

A lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it. La truth is truth although no one believes it.

The religion makes tree things perfect; it divides people, it controls them and it lies people.

When a man free liberated of religion, he have a better opportunity to live a life normal and healthy.

History teaches us that any other cause has brought more death than word of god.

I refuse to believe in a god because he is main cause of the conflicts in world, he preaches racism, sexism, homophobia, and ignorance, but he send me to hell if I am bad.

When someone suffers of a deceit, it calls madness, when many people suffers of delirium it calls religion.

I don´t need religion because I have a conscience.

The characters and events described by bible are fictitious, any resemblance with true persons, life or dead, it´s coincidental  

The religion is opium of the town.

If god created the universe, so who created to him?  and what created who created god?

Animals doesn´t have gods, it are smarter

Religion today it will be mythology of the future

I don´t believe in god and I don´t need him

Intellectual men are skeptical

Never in history, anywhere from world, the religions has served for men unite themselves. The religions has served only to separate, to burn, to torture. I don´t believe in god, I don´t need him and also I am good man.

The atheism is the vice of few intelligent people

The truth will make them free, the lie believer.
As ignorance as religion, more far better.

Believe is easier than to think, for that there are more believers
They have said that the faith moves mountains, but the dynamite does it better
If god exists so men are slave, now, men can and must be free because god doesn´t exist.

I don´t believe nothing, for me the faith is as hateful as is sin for believers. Who knows doesn´t can believe, who doesn´t believe can know. The faith is a tautology, the faith is blind always.

I don´t believe in god by common sense

A myth is a religion that nobody believe

The religion has by fhater to the misery and by mother to the imagination

The religion is comparable with the infantile neurosis

The science isn´t a illusion but yes it would be a illusion to think that if the science can´t give us, we can find in other elsewhere

The love and the fear doesn´t born from god, it born in the humans. It are feeling of frustration made by men to a be imaginary that it try to be father 

Many men prefer and find easier to believe that get take the job of investigate

Exchange words with a person that has resigned to the logic is like giving medicines to a dead

When a person has delusions, to that it call madness.
When many persons have delusions, a that it call religion

God is a fantasy, the science is true

If god exist the devil too, so we judge to god for have created the devil

The intelligent man create science and culture, men ignorant wait that everything fall from sky

The atheist wants to know more, the religious forms with they know and doesn´t know

The believer like to pray, the atheist like to think

Let alone the man that wants to be free, you have envy because your god have you kidnapped at a cell with ignorance

The philosophy give you freedom to think, the religion manipulate you

I am polytheistic, my gods are my parents who given me life, by them I am a good man. I love them, I adore them. I don´t believe in your pagan god, because never I known him

Don´t have fear the sin, be more afraid to your awareness

Fuck it with the double standard of the religions, I obey to my principles and my conscience

Autor: Miguel Poeta
Twitter: @poeta1609

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